Voyage Dallas Interview September 15th 2023

Inspiring Conversations with Nuala Quinn-Barton of The Film Co-Operative


Today we’d like to introduce you to Nuala Quinn-Barton.

Hi Nuala, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

Hello, I’m Nuala Quinn-Barton and I’m currently the CEO of two International Film Companies, Mania Entertainment founded in 1990, and The Film Co-Operative founded in 2020. I represent a stable of Writers, Directors, and Artists through the Film Co-Operative, and the mission of the company is ‘Partnerships Getting Films Made.’

We encompass all aspects of the film industry, from fund-raising, film development, production, and distribution management to talent acquisition and development. We have developed strong relationships in Britain, India, and China. By combining our talents into one collective group, we have been able to connect with investors and financiers who relate to our vision and are eager to work with us in bringing in only the best directors and A-list talent for our highly selective slate of films.

Embracing the future of film, we are currently exploring collaborations with tech companies, recognizing the potential of technologies like 3D, previsualization, post-visualization, and virtual reality to transform traditional film production. “The future of film is exhilarating. With technologies like those offered by The Third Floor and Unreal Engine, we can halve traditional film budgets while enhancing the cinematic experience!”

The DragonMan Saga

Current Films we are developing include The DragonMan Franchise, Written by №1 Amazon Best Selling Author Ted Lazaris and to be Directed by Simon West; Curbside Service, Written by top IMDB Writer Christan Van Slyke; A Natural Selection, Written by the talented Brooks Brothers to be Directed by TG Herrington, The Fear of Day, Written by Sean Valdo and Saverio Tufano, Falls City by Award Winning Director Writer Kit Wilson and Becoming Picasso by the wonderful Writer Bonnie Maffei.


From humble beginnings born in Ireland, living on the family farm I was brought up and educated in London, and studied English and European History in college, and Fashion Design at The Lucie Clayton School of Design.

I have lived and worked in Paris and in Germany, in the fashion arena, developing an international brand before coming to the US New York, and have a working proficiency in French and German. I am blessed with three beautiful daughters and two grandchildren.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story — has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Running a business and getting films made is always a challenge because there are so many moving parts, but developing strong relationships and implementing them, we have found, is key to success

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?

At The Film Co-Operative, our seasoned industry professionals blend their talents into a powerful, unified force that attracts discerning investors. We handpick the finest talent for our select film portfolio, with budgets ranging from $500k to over $30 million, assuring financial success through thorough revenue analysis.

We leverage cutting-edge film technology, from previsualization to virtual reality, crafting studio-quality films at a fraction of traditional costs. Our goal is to captivate audiences across genres, delivering memorable cinematic experiences that keep them longing for more. At TFC, we don’t just meet expectations — we exceed them with every unforgettable film.


With roots in New York, Atlanta, and London, The Film Co-Operative is a seasoned collective of film industry professionals. Over three decades, we’ve perfected our craft, utilizing cutting-edge film technologies like previsualization, post-visualization, and virtual reality. This approach ensures exceptional film quality, cost efficiency, and a strong ROI for our investors.

As we adapt to the latest tech trends, our talented roster enables us to thrive in the competitive landscape of film visibility and distribution. We ensure easy access to mainstream channels and theatrical releases for our audiences, delivering compelling stories that resonate globally. The Film Co-Operative is committed to leaving an indelible mark on cinema.


At The Film Co-Operative, we use smart, risk-minimizing investment strategies based on market trends and revenue analyses. Our financial experts use profits to fuel our film projects, protecting the principal investment. This foresight keeps us steady in uncertain times, preserving our market securities while fostering growth.

We move from profit-focused investing to pre-production smoothly, teaming with top talent and securing distribution for maximum audience engagement. The result is a successful film that reflects our shared vision.

We welcome new investors to join our pursuit of cinematic excellence, balancing artistic vision with financial stability. Join us on this exciting journey.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @nualaqb
Twitter: @NualaQuinnB
Youtube: @nualaquinn-barton



The Dragonman Saga

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