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Gareth Edwards Talks ‘The Creator’ VFX and How AI Helped Enable 

His Vision 

With his innovative and compelling sci-fi action adventure now wowing cinema audiences, the director discusses his radical new approach to filmmaking and VFX in the just released featurette, ‘Advancing AI: Creating The Creator;’ Edwards’ film was made possible by recent technological advances and a collaboration with James Knight, AMD’s Global Director of Media & Entertainment and VFX, who kept the filmmaker abreast of the rapidly changing AI landscape from script to final press junket.

Gareth Edwards’ ‘The Creator,’ now playing in theaters.                                           All images courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2023 20th Century Studios.           .


Gareth Edwards and AMD have just released a new featurette showcasing the director discussing his new film, The Creator, its radical and innovative new approach

to filmmaking and VFX, and how the technology leader enabled him to execute his creative vision.  

In the video, the director shares how his film could not have been made without recent advances in technology, and it is his dream that AI can help democratize the filmmaking process. His critically acclaimed film opened in theaters September 29; it’s one of those movies that truly should be seen on a big screen.

On the AMD side, James Knight, AMD’s Global Director of Media & Entertainment and VFX, was Edwards’ AI and technology partner throughout the creative process from script to press junket, keeping the director abreast on digital filmmaking’s rapidly changing landscape.

Edwards wrote the film on an AMD laptop and started building his film years ago on an AMD Threadripper based system. Industrial Light & Magic handled the film’s VFX and animation with renderfarms and workstations powered by AMD EPYC and AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors.

Take a few minutes to enjoy: Advancing AI: Creating The Creator with Gareth Edwards 

According to Knight, “The relationship between AMD, Gareth and The Creator runs deep. Gareth had AMD technology since he started the film, even as far back as writing the script on an AMD-based laptop. The visual effects were created by the brilliant artists at Industrial Light & Magic and were then rendered on AMD EPYC CPUs, a testament to the seamless collaboration between innovative technology and creative storytelling.”

He adds, “As we continue to explore the potential of AI and its role in storytelling, we are excited to see what the future holds and how AMD can continue to empower creators to push the limits of their imaginations. In this video, Gareth discusses how he shot the film, then did the VFX afterwards with ILM, which hasn’t been done for a film of this scope, and how he hopes AI can democratize filmmaking.”

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