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Nuala Quinn-Barton and the Team at Mania Entertainment have developed a strong foundation that is based on providing a one-stop-shop for our client’s film development and funding initiatives. Our management team has the expertise and reputation of exceeding our client’s expectations in the process of bringing their projects to life. We provide development expertise and financial advice.

Through our liaison with our financial partners we are able to offer low interest debt finance for up to 80% of your Project. We are also able to offer attractive lines of credit with no money down to get your Films off the ground. We also work in close conjunction with certain Private Placement Plans which can be of assistance in achieving your Film production financial objections. We are currently seeking good material preferably with a small amount of Equity attached. Contact Us For Details


Film/TV Finance

We provide producers and financiers with a service that gives them an assurance that their film will be delivered on time and that the over-budget costs would not be the financier’s responsibility.


Mania is dedicated to offering support to filmmakers who stand apart from their peers through their distinctive creative ideas. Contact us to check out our Lending Programs for Film Finance.

Talent Acquisition

Our Talent Acquisition team is pipelining creative talent into our many portfolio properties, from development across all media industries. Contact us to find out more about representation

Artistic Development

Mania helps our clients identify and drive the knowledge and behaviors that produce sustainable, outstanding results from inception to completion. We provide expert artwork packaging and promotional services.


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