Enter the world Magical World of Spellville, where nothing is as it seems, but everything is possible! A dream world for Adults and Children alike. More than just a Movie DragonMan is a passport to a virtual World of Magic and Mystery.

Mania Entertainment and The Film Co-Operative discovered and immediately scooped up this thrilling fantasy sci-fi Book Series DragonMan:- The Adventures of Luke Starr by Best Selling author Ted Lazaris. 

“I just couldn’t put the books down, we had to make them into Movies” Nuala Quinn-Barton Company CEO. We immediately began casting, initiated a finance plan, and we now have Production Partners, Mania Entertainment, Buffalo 8, and a world renowned Director Simon West. 

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The DragonMan Story 

In present times, we meet Luke, an average teenager engrossed in a blossoming romance with Tera. On a seemingly ordinary day, Luke, Tera, her brother Troy, and their friend Jimmy arrange to meet at Milwaukee’s Great Circus Parade. Before Luke arrives, however, Tera, Troy, and Jimmy mysteriously vanish into a cosmic portal, thrust into a fantastical dimension known as Spellville, a land of magic held in the iron grip of the malevolent wizard, Alaba.

 A year later, Luke is pulled into the same portal, landing in Spellville, where he learns of his friends’ captivity beyond a treacherous forest under Alaba’s control. He resolves to rescue them, embarking on a daring journey that reveals he’s not just an ordinary teen. He’s the Chosen One, the foretold prince of Spellville, a prophecy from the seer, Moclar. Luke allies with a diverse group of characters, seeking the guidance of Zoe, a mystical pathfinder with the power to shield them from the wicked forces lurking within Alaba’s forest. 

Along the way, Luke meets many weird wonderful creatures in Spellville and befriends an ancient, colossal dragon named Oloff. Their journey is fraught with peril, from surprise attacks by Alaba’s minions to a tense encounter with a malevolent witch, all the while inching closer to the powerful Ruby of Spellville. 

As Luke’s team ventures into treacherous territories, Alaba’s wrath intensifies, culminating in a declaration of war on all yet unclaimed lands. Amid the chaos, Luke unites the Ruby of Spellville with his medallion, triggering a brilliant light that decimates nearby evil forces. Challenges continue to test our heroes, with Luke participating in a deadly contest hosted by Alaba. A debilitating injury nearly costs him his life, only to be saved by the mystical blood of his dragon friend, Oloff. Despite winning the contest, Luke is imprisoned upon the discovery of his trickery. It is here he reunites with his captive friends, and together, they escape through a portal opened by a sound recorder that accidentally captured Alaba’s voice. 

In the climactic battle, Luke confronts Alaba in the royal room, breaking the spells cast over Spellville and restoring its inhabitants to their former selves, free from the clutch of malevolence. When Luke awakens, he’s back in the present, where it seems as if nothing had happened. Everyone is present except Tera. With newfound abilities to morph into a fearsome dragon hybrid and open portals at will, Luke’s adventure has only just begun. His destiny unfolds as he defends Earth from an alien invasion, using the powers he discovered in the mystical realms of Spellville. In the end, he faces off against an alien entity, rescuing Tera and securing his place as an emerging superhero. 

The Art of Ted Lazaris