March 12th 2020


Mania Entertainment, is set to develop the award-winning Comedy Fantasy ‘BECOMING PICASSO’ by talented writer Bonnie Maffei.


Nuala Quinn-Barton President of Mania Entertainment says ‘We are privileged to work with Bonnie’s masterful Script’.  

‘Becoming Picasso’ tells the story of a young artist’s involvement with the genius Pablo Picasso.


‘When a charismatic gallery director offers an untalented artist the opportunity of a lifetime… to be mentored by the spirit of Picasso, she jumps at the chance. Trouble is, with his talent will come his demons.’





Maffei’s expertise as an artist inspired BECOMING PICASSO, which won Best Screenplay, Spirit of Moondance at Moondance International Film Festival, Official Selection at VWIFF: Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, and Official Selection at L.A. International Screenplay Awards. She acts as judge at the Electric City Film Schenectady Script Contest, the Cincinnati Film Festival, and NYC Midnight Flash Fiction and Short Screenplay Challenges. Bonnie has also won awards for her other works, ‘Funeral Fakers’ & ‘Lightning Ghost’.


‘Becoming Picasso’ Synopsis: 

Would you sacrifice your soul for Picasso’s talent? 

On the night of Picasso’s death, a mysterious figure traps the master’s spirit in a paint box and steals away in search of a suitable host.  When a struggling artist acquires his box, his spirit appears, and her talent begins to blossom. 

Unfortunately, with Picasso’s genius come his demons.  

The artist soon finds there’s no turning back, losing her inhibitions in drugs, booze, and sex, she becomes cruel and arrogant… the living image of him.  Talent and success skyrocket, but when she overhears the woman she loves, Picasso’s former lover, discussing his evil plan to reincarnate into her body to finish his life’s work, she must wrench herself from his power to rediscover herse 

 And in a final battle to save her soul… She traps Picasso inside her canvas… forever 


Mania Entertainment is currently producing DragonMan:-The Adventures of Luke Star’, by best selling author Ted Lazaris, ‘Walk the Sky’ from Dan Mahon’s highly recommended Script and ‘Marilyn Monroe Back?’ from talented writers Adrian Finkelstein and Hania Marsden-Barton.